Who is Bevie?

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I know what it’s like to be disconnected from your own power.

We all mask our deficiencies in different ways. My masks were food, alcohol, busy-
ness, and codependency. Like anyone who is making a life change, the first steps were hard, but it got easier over time. I yearned for a life that fed my soul.

A soulful recovery is about getting deeper, tapping into the Inner Power so you can have a juicy life, filled with joy, peace, discovery, passion and meaning. I feel blessed every day.

After receiving training as a Chemical Dependency Counselor at Hazelden, I was drawn to my path as a Certified Feminine PowerTM Coach and Certified Calling in the OneTM Coach as part of reclaiming my power and committing to passing these gifts onto others.

After working directly with Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas and going through their rigorous training process, I received their highest levels of certification. I’ve incorporated my perspective and my own life’s journey and put together offerings that resonate and provide results.

The truth is we can’t become ourselves by ourselves.

We need our tribe to provide that friction and feedback that releases our inner power!  We’re raised to believe we need to be the strong ones, and often end up helping everyone else except ourselves. We develop addictions, infirmities, chronic fatigue and depression. We collect ex-partners, ungrateful children and drama – or we avoid all that and settle for a life that’s unfulfilling and boring. Life doesn’t have to be that way!

Allow me to help you to access your inner power. You can sense that you have it, you can feel it!

I believe in the transformative nature of mentorship. Only through my own breakdowns did I have the breakthrough belief that it is OK to ask for help. I now help others as a pay-it-forward honor to those who helped me. Nothing is quite as satisfying to me as making a deep personal connection with someone in a way that profoundly and positively changes the trajectory of their life path and life purpose. I consider it my highest calling and purpose.

By tapping into my natural empathetic abilities, I can see and feel what you experience. I’ve been told all my life that I was “too sensitive.” I should just grow up and stop caring. I never did. My ability to tune into you creates a safe space for you to share your laughter and tears, your unspoken desires and deepest fears. I will hold your secrets and keep a sacred space that’s reserved solely for you.

Plant yourself where you bloom. Your physical environment impacts you more than you realize. I believe in surrounding yourself with meaningful things and going to places that fill your soul. One of the paths to power is understanding the surroundings you have chosen for yourself. Sometimes clients feel stuck in a space not of their choosing – and that’s significant too.

I invite you to join me on a joyous journey of self-discovery through these powerful step-by-step Paths Of Development.

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I was immediately immersed into the guidance of this very graceful “human emotions engineer”.

Since then there has been a humming in me, a knowing that I can  walk through life, being very conscious and present , as I interact with people and  situations, particularly those that have the potential to trigger me.

Bevie is a deeply intuitive and empathetic mentor who will make a positive impact on any human being who engages her services.

Ilse-Lore Trunk, Detroit