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Hello, my Beloveds!

Ignite the desire to evolve.  thats what happened to me Well I’m so excited to be here with my brand-new juicy community of conscious women—love my brand new website and I just feel like I’m on fire .. like the time is  right…NOW!   in this moment.  Know what I’m sayin’?  yeah, feels good So How did I get so  lit-up?  .Well,  my ‘desire to evolve’ got ignited…. thats what happened to me and now, I want to ignite that …
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I was immediately immersed into the guidance of this very graceful “human emotions engineer”.

Since then there has been a humming in me, a knowing that I can  walk through life, being very conscious and present , as I interact with people and  situations, particularly those that have the potential to trigger me.

Bevie is a deeply intuitive and empathetic mentor who will make a positive impact on any human being who engages her services.

Ilse-Lore Trunk, Detroit