Do you feel a big and painful gap between your highest potentials and the way your life is actually showing up? You yearn for more, you feel a restlessness, a hunger. You long to squeeze the juice out of life!
Just imagine what life would be like if you could close that gap..if you could dump those old beliefs and life tasted delicious like a juicy mango.

I am an empath and mentor to the soul. I intuitively, deeply connect with your authentic self in a way you have thirsted for, and show you how to find the juice in life, that sense of limitless possibility….that has been hijacked by hidden false beliefs.

I love mentoring people like you. I know what happens in that amazing moment when you say “Ahhh, finally! Someone gets me!

Welcome to Mangoland, where life is succulent. I am your guide through the tangled jungle where there are two distinctly marked and safe 7-Step Paths:

7-STEP PATHS: you get results that will astound you. Really!

CALLING IN “THE ONE” :  7- Week Program To Identify And Release The Hidden Barriers To Love And Become Irresistibly Magnetic To Your Soulmate

FEMININE POWER 7 STEPS: awaken your feminine power,fall gorgeously in love with yourself, weave a magnetic  field of full possibility, actualize your collaborative leadership power.

I hold a sacred space for you at the meeting of land and water where you finally receive permission to live your most luscious life.

I must warn you. This journey is not for the fainthearted. But the rewards are so sweet…

                                                                               …a deeply intuitive and empathetic mentor

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If you want to attract more love and break the patterns of heartbreak and loneliness in your life, connect with Bevie.

Go fearlessly to those scary and hurtful places which end up being the fuel for the fire of change.

Bevie has a way of coaxing out those deep and hidden parts, those old false beliefs, and then holding them gently, while the transformation occurs. The process was like undergoing a conscious evolution while being held in a safe, sacred space.

Bring it on!

And ….men are showing up for me everywhere!

Rhonda R.