The pain of not fulfilling your potential, the dis-ease of not living the life of your dreams or the deep knowing that you are not totally fulfilled and feeling like your life has more room for deeper purpose and meaning.

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You are…

Smart.  Successful.  Loved.  Respected.
People count on you.
But there’s something missing…  An itch.  A knowing.
You’ve sought it out.  Chased it.  Read books.  Attended seminars.  Prayed.

All that ‘trying’ hasn’t calmed your restless spirit.  The outside world doesn’t have the answers.


The truth that somewhere along the way, you may have found that you disconnected from your true power. You’ve been taking care of everyone else but you. Deep inside, you are harboring false beliefs about yourself. These beliefs are blocking the way your life can be. I know this because you’re here. Now. And I also know there are no accidents.


I help you see yourself as source and take radical responsibility for your life. I help you tap into the your Inner Power that reflects the real you, the divine you that pursues your passions and taps into your innate gifts.

Nearly 30 years ago, I started my personal path of development, first through my own recovery, and then by becoming a codependency and addictions counselor trained at the Hazelden Treatment Centre. I then went on to be personally trained and certified by two of the most world-renowned transformative leaders in the field of feminine power – Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas.

I am inspired to help people identify their neglected soul space so they can have the delightful experience of a soulful transformation. I’m talking about much more than addictions – I’m talking about all the ways we play small, give up our power and settle for less that we deserve.

I invite you to join me on a joyous journey of self-discovery through these powerful step-by-step Paths Of Development.

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If you want to attract more love and break the patterns of heartbreak and loneliness in your life, connect with Bevie.

Go fearlessly to those scary and hurtful places which end up being the fuel for the fire of change.

Bevie has a way of coaxing out those deep and hidden parts, those old false beliefs, and then holding them gently, while the transformation occurs. The process was like undergoing a conscious evolution while being held in a safe, sacred space.

Bring it on!

And ….men are showing up for me everywhere!

Rhonda R.